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RETSLab is for Realtors

We are realtors. We know it isn’t easy to get your site up to your board’s standards. New changes in technology is too hard to keep up with, and hiring specialized developers?? don’t get us started! We have been through the pain, we spent the time, the money, and now we are ready to provide you with a solution that works for your company, your board, and your budget!



Easy to use wizards

MLS has always been complicated to implement. RETS is a little easier but there is still a steep learning curve. That is why we created this software. We step you through the setup process. We ask questions you know the answers to. We are here to help if you get in to a Jam.

Built for Flexibility

Do you have a WordPress site? or maybe a home brewed solution?  Somewhere in between?  We have multiple choices for you.


Wow Factor

Sleek, stylish, professional designs. RETSLab uses the latest specification of CSS for all of it’s design needs. We also use Twitter’s Bootstrap 4 to style all of our content. It is mobile, its cross-browser compatible, it is stylish, it is user friendly.

Always Moving Forward

We are constantly developing. We currently support CoreLogic’s MLXchange platform.  We will continue to develop until we support it all. You can elect to be our guinea pig on any other platform to save $$$

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